23 March 2013

Alaska Legislators Continue Their Annual Shooting Competition

From an AP story in today's Anchorage Daily News:
JUNEAU, Alaska — With about three weeks left in Alaska's legislative session, the pressure is mounting on politicians to get things done. A heated partisan divide on oil tax reform, the state's budget and education in Alaska's Capitol has tempers rising for both Democrats and Republicans.

So what's the best way to ease the tension? Get them all together, and give them each a weapon.

The gun control debate may divide Republicans and Democrats in Washington, but in Juneau, most legislators in both parties are adamant supporters of the Second Amendment. And on Saturday, some of them will head over to the Juneau Gun Club to blow off steam - and reach across the aisle - during this year's "Legislative Shoot."

The annual event, which is put on by the Alaska Correctional Officers Association and also sponsored by the Outdoor Heritage Foundation, pits three-member teams against each other in competitions like trap shooting, pistol shooting and archery.

Gotta love Alaska!  Click here for the rest of the story.


PioneerPreppy said...

Down here the teams might start shooting at each other if they broke them out by party.

I am not sure that would be a bad thing either :)

Rev. Paul said...

See, that's the beauty of the Constitution: each State can make its own rules. ;^)