21 March 2013

Because You Asked

I've received several recent inquiries about the weather here in Anchorage. Here's a handy-dandy chart I found on KTUU's weather page:
Monthly Averages & Records - °F 
January22°-35° (1947)56° (1934)  0.68"9"
February12°26°-38° (1947)57° (1943)  0.74"11"
March18°34°-24° (1971)56° (1926)  0.65"10.3"
April29°44°-15° (1920)72° (2005)  0.52"4.1"
May39°55°1° (1945)82° (1947)  0.7"0.1"
June47°62°29° (1920)92° (1931)  1.06"0"
July52°65°34° (1922)84° (2003)  1.7"0"
August49°63°31° (1984)85° (2004)  2.93"0"
September41°55°19° (1992)73° (1957)  2.87"0.2"
October28°40°-6° (1935)64° (2006)  2.09"8.5"
November16°28°-21° (1956)62° (1920)  1.09"11.4"
December11°24°-36° (1917)53° (1940)  1.05"14.9"


PioneerPreppy said...

God that looks cold.

Big drop off from March to April though.

Old NFO said...

So the 4th of July is the best day visit... as long as it's not snowing... :-D

Stephen said...

You guys have such great weather. Enjoy.

Rev. Paul said...

Preppy, it's a mindset, and most acclimate to the cooler climate within a couple of months. After that, anything above 75 feels too hot.

NFO ... probably. :)

Stephen, we love it, and I think you would, too.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Interesting. Living in CO, I've seen snow every month of a year. Not every year, to be sure. When you get above 9,000 ASL, all kinds of weather can happen.

I imagine Turnagin Arm moderates your weather much as Puget Sound does Seattle.

Cathy said...

Tell ya what, Rev. Paul . . . we didn't do much better than your average March temps here in NW Ohio the last couple days.

Not complaining though. The sun came out today and there's no disputing it . . . . . the light is stronger.

Rev. Paul said...

WSF, you're right. And it's snowed in every month of the year here, too, despite being at sea level. The Arm is just a branch of the Cook Inlet, but you're right about the moderating effect. Just a few miles farther from the water, they get MUCH more snow than we do.

Cathy, I understand. Any sunlight is better than clouds. :)