14 March 2013

May's Long Journey Home

May the sled dog devoured a hearty, steaming serving of canned salmon and kibble stew Wednesday night in Birchwood, her first real meal since getting loose from her team six days earlier in the 41st Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

May, a strawberry blonde female, probably logged 300 to 400 miles in her homeward-bound trip across some of the most rugged country Alaska serves up, said Iditarod veteran Stan Smith, who is giving love, food and temporary shelter to May.

"She traveled several times from Rohn to Nikolai, all the way up the Dalzell Gorge, up the Alaska Range to the other side, through Rainy Pass, across Shell Lake; she was spotted multiple times in Skwentna," Smith said.

"So many reports of seeing her. They were all heading south. "It's an incredible journey."

The dog was on loan to Jamaica musher Newton Marshall, and she got loose last Friday between Rohn and Nikolai when Marshall's team got tangled with another team, according to a post on Marshall's Facebook fan page. Lanier finished the Iditarod in 35th place shortly after noon Thursday. Race rules required Marshall to scratch in Nikolai for not having all of his dogs.
from the linked article at www.adn.com

Another wonderful story about a sled dog from the Iditarod. What incredible heart they have!
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Murphy's Law said...

Day-um! Glad she's home safe and sound.

Rev. Paul said...

Me too, ML. Me, too.

threecollie said...

Amazing, wonderful, delightful dogs! I am so glad to have been able to stop by each day to keep up with stories about the race. Thanks!

Rev. Paul said...

threecollie, it's been my pleasure, and I'm glad you like it.

joated said...

Heck of a tale she's got to tell! Maybe she should title it "There and Back Again."

I felt sorry for Newton having to scratch but am very pleased that Mat has been found and reunited with her kennel.

(Now if we could just get Wayward--the GPS unit--back on the trail next year!)

Rev. Paul said...

joated, I thought of "There and Back Again" ... but it's been done. :)