09 April 2013

Alaska Randomosity

They're At It Again Dept: The Anchorage police have shot and killed another person. By their own count, that's five last year, and three this year. Story here.

Alaska's Longest Argument Dept: The Alaska Legislature continues its interminable argument about how to properly tax oil production without discouraging exploration and new production. Meanwhile, production continues to decline, and Alaska slips further in the standings (now in 4th place nationally, IIRC).

Musical Chairs Dept:  The Alaska GOP drops its current Chairman, making for the 2nd change in three months.

Hit or Miss Dept: After Saturday's 10+" of snow, AccuHunch tried to scare us with forecasts for 13" ... no, 15" .... no, 18" of more snow.  Late yesterday afternoon, they dropped that to 8". By the time the snow moves out late tonight, we'll probably get that much. We could have used the snow at the end of February when it was dry & too warm, but this is one time we're glad they're wrong.


PioneerPreppy said...

Hasn't the reduction in the Alaskan oil fields been proven? I mean isn't it going to decline regardless of how much they tax anyway?

Rev. Paul said...

Preppy, the adjacent fields (part of which lie under the shallows of the Arctic Ocean) are larger than the original, now in production.