05 April 2013

Unalaska Police Blotter: "Hind End A-Wagging"

From the Dutch Harbor Telegraph:

Harassment- Due to a myriad of miscommunications and misunderstandings, one individual became angry and verbally abusive to another individual. Once officers arrived and the situation was clarified; the first individual admitted feeling like a fool and stated he would apologize to the second individual.

Public Safety- Caller reported that he had been attacked by an eagle when walking on the sidewalk. The caller was not injured due to wearing thick clothing. The eagle was one of a pair that is currently rebuilding its nest after the nest had been removed early in the year in an attempt to prevent such attacks.

Suspicious Person/Activity- Caller reported an unknown person was shining a strobe light at passing cars. Officers were unable to locate the source of the light.

Drunk Disturbance- A frequent caller to Public Safety requested that a drunken female be removed from his residence. Officers arrived and discovered the female in the process of leaving.

Suspicious Person/Activity- Caller reported a foul smell coming from downtown. An officer confirmed the presence of the repugnant rancidity but could not locate its origin.

Drunk Disturbance- Officers responded to the airport to investigate a report of a drunken and unruly customer.  Officers contacted a father and son duet of besottedness and advised them to be more respectful.

Assistance Rendered- Officer assisted two male individuals who had handcuffed themselves together and then couldn’t locate the handcuff key.

Assistance Rendered- Officers responded to the airport to assist with a passenger who was too drunk to be woke [sic] up at his intended destination, Akutan, and had been flown back to Unalaska. Officers were able to wake the stow-away and assist him off the plane.

Animal- Complainant reported a black dog at large and playing in traffic. The complainant first saw the dog while on her walk and was afraid it was vicious and might eat her. The jovial canine, hind end a-wagging, was collected and impounded.

Assault- Officers responded to a report from a drunken individual who would not identify himself, nor his location, but stated he had been beaten and was bleeding from his face. Once the officer found the caller, who had a small scratch on his cheek, it was found that he had actually been the aggressor and if the other party had wanted to pursue charges would have went to jail. No charges filed.

Assistance Rendered- Officers responded to the airport to assist with a vehicle unlock. The responding officer asked the motorist if she was sure she didn’t have a spare key. The motorist checked her pocket and discovered she had the key on her, the entire time.


Stephen said...

Great stuff. Your paper would have a field day down here....never a peaceful moment.

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, Stephen. I hear you about your town. Thankfully, Dutch Harbor is some 650 miles safely distant from here. :)

joated said...

Some interesting calls to and assists by your police. I'm pretty sure that someo f them would leave the responders smiling as they went back on patrol.

Rev. Paul said...

joated, like you, I'm glad they have a sense of humor.