11 April 2013

Unalaska Police Blotter: "Stuck in a Cage"

From the Dutch Harbor Telegraph:

Animal- Caller reported a “large like bird” sitting on the porch railing at a local bunkhouse, and was afraid it may be injured.  Officers responded and found an adult bald eagle perched on the railing at the front door of the bunkhouse. The eagle appeared content to eyeball everyone who came close. The eagle was shooed away, and did not appear injured.

Assault- Officers responded to a report of an assault at a processing plant. The caller received injury to his face but did not want to pursue charges. The individual that the caller stated had caused the injury denied any involvement.  A review of the surveillance video upheld the suspect’s statement and cleared him of any involvement. Further investigation revealed that the caller received the injury in a drunken wrestling match with a different individual that he had reported. He still did not want to pursue charges.

Disorderly Conduct- Officers responded to a report of a group of drunken persons walking on the side of the roadway. One of the dipsomaniacs was said to be bleeding from his head and face. Investigation revealed that the injured individual had fallen on the rocks while trying to navigate his way back to his boat. His brother tried to help but made it worse so the two began to wrestle. A third individual intervened and carried the injured brother out of the rocks to the roadway where they group was contacted by the police.

Drunk Disturbance- Officers responded to a report of a loud drunken person causing a disturbance. An individual was contacted on the shore screaming incoherently. It was apparent that the individual had been in the water for an unknown amount of time and appeared hypothermic and in need of medical attention.

Suspicious Person/Activity- Dispatch reported that an individual entered the lobby of Public Safety and quickly shoved an unknown package under the mail slot of the service window and walked out without saying anything. The package was found to be property the individual had stolen from Public Safety.

Disorderly Conduct- Officers responded to a local business to assist with a report of an irate customer throwing things inside the store. Officers contacted the customer who said he was upset at the service he was receiving but said he was not trying to break anything. The customer was trespassed from the store.

Domestic Disturbance- Officers responded to a residence to investigate a report of a domestic disturbance. Three besotted individuals were contacted. Each of the three reported that the others were causing a disturbance. The mother wanted her son removed from the residence and was told that the police were unable to do so but advised her of the legal process of eviction. The son reported that he believed his friend was trying to have sex with his mother and took appropriate action to stop said sex. The friend advised he was just consoling his friend’s mother and had been thrown through the entertainment center but was uninjured. All were advised that continued disturbances could result in arrest.

Disorderly Conduct- Officers received a call from a hysterical drunken female who was stuck “in a cage” and could not get out.  Officers discovered the female at a local ball field curled up against the chain link fence screaming into her cell phone.  The female requested medical attention.


joated said...

Sounds like a lot of cabin fever going around.

Rev. Paul said...

I'd agree, but Dutch Harbor's like that all the time. Seems it's a combination of long bouts at sea, coupled with infrequent shore leave & boredom.

threecollie said...

Gotta watch them "large like a bird" (s)!
Maybe they could put it in the cage in the last entry. lol

Rev. Paul said...

threecollie, you're a funny lady - LOL!