20 May 2013

Alaska Digest, 5/20/13

Here's the Fire Dept:  Pavlov Volcano Eruption Ongoing, Ash Up To 22K Ft.
This one's about 500 miles southwest of Anchorage, give or take. No direct danger to us, although the ash has the potential to disrupt flights to Asia.

Pavlov volcano, from www.ktuu.com

...And Here's the Ice Dept:  Circle, Alaska damaged by ice jam & flooding from the Yukon River.
Circle is about 125 miles northeast of Fairbanks, so about the same distance from Anchorage as the volcano, but in the opposite direction.

Spring Yukon River flooding drenched the Interior village of Circle on Sunday, swamping the village's downtown, displacing people from their homes and knocking houses off their foundations.

Read more here: http://www.adn.com/#storylink=cpy(

Leading With His Nose Dept:  A Maule M-5 four-passenger plane crash-landed at the Goose Bay airport. From the article at www.ktuu.com:
Troopers spokesperson Beth Ipsen says the plane crashed in the middle of the airstrip at goose bay airport at about 11 a.m. Sunday.

One of the struts broke and dug into the ground during the landing and the plane tipped forward, damaging the nose, propeller and wing of the aircraft.

The plane came to rest in the middle of the airstrip and only the pilot was onboard. Ipsen says no injuries were reported in the incident.

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Dept: A state commission will meet behind closed doors Tuesday in Kenai to decide whether a number of former police officers, troopers and corrections officers should lose their right to wear a badge in Alaska.

Per the linked article, there are "close to 20" cases pending. It's true that law enforcement officers are human beings, and therefore subject to the same weaknesses as the rest of us. However, the reported incidences of such breaches of the public trust are seemingly more frequent.

One can't help but think that the ongoing militarization of the police (begun post-Viet Nam during the Carter era) and the indoctrination in the "us vs. them" mentality has contributed greatly to the situation.


Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

My husband wishes he was in Alaska right now. He loves anything to do with a volcano.

We were on MT. St. Helene when it decided to attempt to blow several years back.

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, it's not hard to get here. It's a bit more difficult to get there. :^)