08 May 2013

GOA Alert: Senate May Resurrect the Defeated Gun Control

Senate Democrats are bullying the Senators who voted correctly on Toomey-Manchin-Schumer.  Those who are under the most pressure to switch their votes are:

 Mark Begich        (202) 224-3004
 Lisa Murkowski     (202) 224-6665

 Jeff Flake         (202) 224-4521

 Saxby Chambliss    (202) 224-3521
 Johnny Isakson     (202) 224-3643

 Max Baucus         (202) 224-2651

North Dakota
 Heidi Heitkamp     (202) 224-2043

New Hampshire 
 Kelly Ayotte      (202) 224-3324

 Dean Heller        (202) 224-6244

 Rob Portman        (202) 224-3353

 Lamar Alexander    (202) 224-4944
 Bob Corker         (202) 224-3344

If your Senator is a Republican, or is mentioned in the list above, it is imperative that you contact them again!

Right now, there are several Public Policy Polling surveys that claim Senators who voted pro-gun have lost public support.  It’s hogwash!

Gun owners can click here to read GOA’s analysis of why these PPP polls are fiction.  These polls are nothing more than a ploy to sway weak-knee Senators into reversing their votes.
Some Senators are even beginning to wonder if they are going to be punished at the polls for voting pro-gun.  And that’s why we need you right now to stay active and engaged in this fight.
CONTACT INFO:  Contact your Senators, if possible, at 202-224-3121.  Jam their phone lines. If it is not possible for you to call, then use the prewritten letter we have provided here.

Tell them to vote against the expansion of background checks as they will allow for the registration of gun owners. And let them know that gun owners are ready to help in any Senate campaign, no matter which state, to defeat ANY SENATOR who votes for gun control.


Old NFO said...

Time to make those calls and emails again... THe administration is NOT going to give up... sigh

Rev. Paul said...

Correct on all points, NFO. Dang it.