18 May 2013

Icy Morning

The weatherman wasn't completely wrong this time: we got about an inch of icy snow overnight, with another 1" to 3" expected this morning. Then it's supposed to change to rain this afternoon.

I was out early to take Younger Daughter to work, and the streets weren't bad. A little slippery here and there, but could have been worse. The new Escape handled it with ease; you always wonder, when getting a new 4x4, exactly how it will behave in inclement weather.

The snow had mostly let up while I was out, but it's coming down harder now.

Yesterday morning's TV news showed scenes from this date last year: green grass & sunny weather. Made us want to cry, a little. So far nothing has turned green, and the tiny buds on the trees remain unopened. It seems the plants are smarter than we are. Go figure.

There's little on my agenda today, except for running a few errands. But right now, breakfast is calling.

All y'all have a great day!


Cathy said...

Here's a little encouragement from Robert Frost's "Onset."

Yet all the precedent is on my side:
I know that winter death has never tried
The earth but it has failed: the snow may heap
In long storms an undrifted four feet deep
As measured against maple, birch, and oak,
It cannot check the peeper's silver croak;
And I shall see the snow all go down hill
In water of a slender April rill
That flashes tail through last year's withered brake
And dead weeds, like a disappearing snake.
Nothing will be left white but here a birch,
And there a clump of houses with a church

Rev. Paul said...

That's beautiful, Cathy. Thank you.