29 May 2013

Police Blotter: A Laugh Riot?

For all you fans of the (Dutch Harbor) Unalaska Police Blotter, frequently cited here, there's this:

Small Town's Police Blotter Is A Riot

In one Alaskan fishing village, crime is a laughing matter. It's not the crimes that have residents chuckling so much as how they're written about. The Unalaska crime report is full of eagle aggression and intimate encounters gone awry in the Aleutian Islands.

Sgt. Shockley, Dutch Harbor Police Dept.
When Sgt. Jennifer Shockley heads out on patrol each day, she's got the police blotter on her mind. Her goal is to paint a detailed picture of the town's often ridiculous crimes.

"I can only imagine that someone who's never been here would think that this is some kind of Twilight Zone town where every form of human oddity and absurdity exists all at once — exacerbated by alcohol," she says.

Twilight Zone is an understatement.

Go here for the rest of the story, including some classic Blotter reports.  And a big "thank you" to SR for sending it to me.


Old NFO said...

I'll wait for your take on em :-)

Rev. Paul said...

I do try to screen out the missing dog & cat stories, and just go for the funny or amazing tales. :)

Murphy's Law said...

I always picture that place as being kind of like the old Muppet Show, only with alcohol and poor hygiene.

PioneerPreppy said...

I wish the Sgt. was hotter.

Rev. Paul said...

ML, you may not far from the truth.

Preppy, I'm sure she has a jacket in her cruiser, so no worries! ;^)

threecollie said...

And here in NY we await them eagerly.

Rev. Paul said...

And I appreciate that, threecollie - thanks!