14 May 2013

Sitka, Alaska: Couple Narrowly Escapes Landslide

.. that destroyed the cabin they were staying in.

— A couple escaped a landslide by running down a narrow, pebble beach away from the shifting mountain.

The landslide area that blocked the mouth of a stream at Redoubt Lake Monday, May 13, 2013, near Sitka, Alaska, following a massive landslide Sunday. The landslide destroyed a U.S. Forest Service cabin that was located near the stream. Two people staying at the cabin at the time were injured when they narrowly escaped being covered in the slide.
JAMES POULSON / Daily Sitka Sentinel — AP

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The slide happened Sunday just as Kevin Knox, 41, and his girlfriend, Maggie Gallin, 28, returned from fishing in a rowboat to the National Forest Service cabin at Redoubt Lake, about 15 miles southwest of Sitka, KCAW reported.

"We had just tied the boat up and Maggie was in the cabin, and it just let loose - a huge piece off of the side of the mountain. I yelled for Maggie to run, to get out of the cabin. We started running down the beach," he said.

He said they were thrown into the water, "trees kind of toppling on top of us. We both popped up about 3 or 4 feet from each other," Knox said. "Then we got our wits about us and just tried to hunker down."

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Cathy said...

WOW! I'm glad I took time out from my birding to pop in for this story. WOW.

Rev. Paul said...

Things don't get much closer than that, do they?

Old NFO said...

They need to buy lottery tickets... just sayin...

threecollie said...

Eek! Someone was sure watching over those folks.

Rev. Paul said...

NFO, that's the truth!

threecollie, no doubt.