08 May 2013

Unalaska Police Blotter: The Eagles Have Landed

Drunk Disturbance – An exceedingly intoxicated and obnoxious man ate food belonging to an inebriated restaurant patron and his sidekick, and challenged those present to do something about his behavior. None of those so affected wished to pursue charges against the drunk and he was advised simply not to return to any licensed establishments this night.

Drunk Disturbance – A drunk who was returning to his hotel room after having been barred from all liquor establishments had such difficulty walking up the stairs that officers were called to assist. The drunk, who was ultimately evicted from the hotel and all other Unisea venues, was unappreciative of the efforts to help him.

Trespass – Officer issued a trespass advisement to a drunk, per the Airport Restaurant.

Assault – The drunk returned to the Airport and proceeded to engage in a fight with one of the inebriated men whose food he had stolen earlier, hitting the inebriate on the side of the head and making snide comments about his parentage. The drunk was able to provide the investigating officer with only a two-word response when asked what had occurred. Greg Anthony Tamsy, 46 yoa, of California, was arrested on one count Assault IV and one count Harassment II.

Drunk Disturbance – The aforementioned inebriate and his equally intoxicated sidekick continued on their way to a grocery store, where they proceeded to yell at various employees. None of those so affected wished to pursue charges. The inebriate was advised not to enter or remain on any licensed premises this night.

Drunk Disturbance – The inebriate and his trusty sidekick went directly to a licensed premise, where the inebriate was refused service due to his level of intoxication and immediately became uncooperative with bar staff. Justin A. Williams, Jr., 25 yoa, of Washington, was arrested on one count of Drunken Person on Licensed Premise.

And today's lesson from Dutch Harbor: don't leave fish in your truck!

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