17 June 2013

A Day at the Range, Part 2

A couple more pix, and a brief story.
Younger daughter with the AK

Younger daughter with my Weatherby

My wife did what she usually does: make everybody else look like they're running in slow motion.

She last used a rifle in the late '80s, as best we can recall. Then, her brother & I were striving mightily to find the point of aim on a couple of uncooperative revolvers. She picked up each one & blew the center out of the targets, and then walked away.

Yesterday, she picked up Younger daughter's .22, and produced golf-ball-sized patterns. At 25 yards ... while shooting off-hand, standing.


My best at 100 yards (with the .270 Win) was a 3/4" grouping, about 7/8" off-center to the right. Shortly after that, the patterns started opening back up again, so I called it  a day. That's what I get for not shooting since last October.

Need practice.


drjim said...

Looks like you had a wonderful weekend!

Yeah....I know what you mean about getting rusty.

I've been to the pistol range a lot this year, but mostly as an instructor. The last time I went, I didn't even take my pistol with me.

BUT....as soon as my M1 gets here from the CMP, my son and I are headed out to the rifle range to burn up some of that 30-06 I've been collecting!

Brigid said...

That was one thing I'd have liked to have done this weekend, was to shoot, but we had a pretty full schedule of things to do in a short time. The ladies did a wonderful job. As for the rust, it happens, I know how sloppy my groupings get after a couple months away.

Old NFO said...

LOL, yep put your butt right in it's place didn't she... And probably with a smile too! ;-)

Keads said...

Very nice Rev.!

Max said...

I was just talking to someone about wanting to get some more range time in.

Anonymous said...

Women are fantastic shooters!
Kudos to you and your family.


Rev. Paul said...

drjim, I hear you. More range time is definitely in order.

Brigid, if I'd had a houseful of guests like yours, there wouldn't have been a range trip here, either. But rusty? Yep.

NFO, yes. Yes, she did. :)

Thanks, Kelly.

Max, it often demands more dedication than I want to give, so I'm thinking about moving back to the closer facility - even though it doesn't have the 300-yard range.

Rev. Paul said...

Guffaw, that's true. And thank you.

PolyKahr said...

My wife does the same thing. Last time at the range, while I was aiming carefully, she just pointed her revolver in the general direction of the target, pulled the trigger, and shot center of mass every time.



Rev. Paul said...

Sounds very familiar, PK. :)