17 July 2013

Alaska's Self-Defense Law

There's a good article here on Alaska's self-defense statute, and the impact that the recent changes may have.


Alaska currently has laws protecting an individual's right to "shoot to kill" while at home, at work, and while protecting loved ones. But House Bill 24, written by Rep. Mike Neuman (R-Big Lake/Point McKenzie), adds a simple sentence to the law that extends the right to use lethal force in self-defense “in any other place where the person has a right to be.”

One Anchorage gun owner said Tuesday she feels the new laws are simply an affirmation of her second amendment rights.

“For me as a lawful gun owner, as someone who believes in defense, it helps me protect myself and those I love,” said Sarah Spindler.

As a thinking adult, I take exception to phrasing our innate human right to defend ourselves against deadly force as "an individual's right to 'shoot to kill'". That inflammatory rhetoric is misplaced, especially now.  But overall, the article is fair & balanced.

Read the whole thing & let me know what you think.


Matt said...

"But others think the new law will be far less benign. Anchorage prosecutor James Fayette, speaking on his own behalf, said the new law will make it more difficult to prosecute gun crimes, especially any that involve the use of deadly force in public places."


Notice that the way he phrased the sentence, "especially....the use of deadly force in public places after the word " gun crimes".

He's already made his mind up that anyone using deadly force has committed a crime and must now prove he's innocent or justified.

That's the same mindset that we saw in the Zimmerman trial, up to and including the statement where that prosecutor called him a murderer AFTER the "not guilty" verdict had just been announced.

Rev. Paul said...

Yeah, I saw that too. It's unfortunate; Anchorage is the least Alaskan place in Alaska. That mindset has accompanied the left-wing, Left Coast transfers here.

Old NFO said...

Fayette sounds like he's worried about actually having to work...

Rev. Paul said...

You noticed that too, NFO? Heh.