19 July 2013

Book Review: "Ride The Rising Tide"

Peter Grant ("Bayou Renaissance Man") has published his second novel, Ride The Rising Tide.

To quote from the Amazon's description of the first book in the series, "Take the Star Road":
"Nineteen-year-old Steve Maxwell just wants to get his feet on the star road to find a better homeworld. By facing down Lotus Tong thugs, he earns an opportunity to become a spacer apprentice on a merchant spaceship, leaving the corruption and crime of Earth behind. Sure, he needs to prove himself to an older, tight-knit crew, but how bad can it be if he keeps his head down and the decks clean?

He never counted on the interstellar trade routes having their own problems, from local wars to plagues of pirates - and the jade in his luggage is hotter than a neutron star. Steve's left a word of troubles behind, only to find a galaxy of them ahead..."

I wrote briefly about the first book, here. It was a great read, but I'm here to tell you that Ride The Rising Tide is even better.

The writing is tight, the descriptions are vivid, personalities are realistic - and even though much of the second novel is about Fleet training and Officer Candidate School, it's a fast-paced, exciting read.

The author is a military man, and the realism taken from his personal experiences shines through on every page. I found myself drawn in, remembering my own U.S. Navy training. It got so real for me that I went from just reading about someone's adventures, to the feeling that I was there, looking over the protagonist's shoulder.

It will keep you riveted until the final page, and wanting more. There's no better praise for an adventure novel than that!


Bob said...

Have it on my Amazon wish list. As soon as I get to the bank to replenish the depleted funds, I'll pick it up.

Yah, the bank account really is that depleted. *sigh*

Rev. Paul said...

It'll be worth the wait, Bob. And for what it's worth, sorry to hear you're strapped at the moment. I hope that gets better soon.

Peter said...

Thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed it. Look for a memoir of prison chaplaincy in mid-September, and Maxwell Vol. 3 from mid-November to early December, depending on how fast I can write!

Rev. Paul said...

Just calling it the way I see it, my friend. My response to the last page of Vol. 2 was, "No! Where's the rest?"

Peter said...

Please leave a review on Amazon.com as well, so other would-be readers can see it. That makes a big difference!

Rev. Paul said...

Done, Peter. I'm embarrassed that I forgot about that; sorry!