15 July 2013

Monday ... Again?

Mondays keep coming around whether we want them to or not. Dang it.  But it sure beats the alternative.

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There was a story on the morning TV news about it being a bad year for aviation deaths in Alaska (I phrased that badly, but it's early & I'm not quite awake). I was getting ready for work & only listened with one ear, so I've just searched that station's website but found no mention of the story.

The 10 people killed a week ago in the Soldotna crash probably pushed us above average for fatalities; that's not a place we want to be.

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In the words of Paul Harvey, here is a strange:
From KUCB: The mysterious bomb found last week on an Alaska Peninsula beach was an aluminum Russian firebomb that was never live or somehow was emptied of its  incendiary content, says Army Spc. Vincent Wallace, who helped recover the bomb and destroyed it with explosives.

Wallace quickly determined that the bomb was made out of aluminum -- a metal commonly used in fire or smoke bombs. But this bomb was engraved with Russian, and that's not so common.

Fire bombs are meant to be dropped from aircraft, to clear a path on the ground or destroy targets. They're usually filled with incendiary material, such as napalm. But in this case ... Wallace says the incendiary material inside might have leaked out over the last 70 years. It may have been manufactured to be empty for a reason -- perhaps to be used for training during World War II.

Read more: Russian firebomb washes up near Chignik

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That's about all I've got this a.m. Thanks for stopping by. :)


PioneerPreppy said...

I would love to find an inert Russian bomb. That's kewl.

Rev. Paul said...

It is an interesting find; I'm glad no one got hurt.