16 July 2013

Ride the Rising Tide (Book 2 of The Maxwell Saga)

I recently reviewed Take the Star Road by Peter Grant whom many of you know better as Bayou Renaissance Man, and whose blog appears on the sidebar here.

The e-book of the second novel in the series is now available on Amazon, here. The first volume was a fantastic read from a 'new' author (although he's been writing for years, this was his first published novel).

If you don't discover this series, you'll regret it. Good stuff!


Old NFO said...

Nice! Looking forward to the read!!!

Old NFO said...

Finished the dang thing at 0130 this morning... my butt has been draggin ALL day... :-)

Rev. Paul said...

I'm about 60% in, where Steve & Brooks are about the graduate from OCS. May have to stay up a little late to finish, but not that late.

It's good though, isn't it? :)