21 July 2013

Sunday Morning Police Blotter

We have sunny blue skies and 62 degrees at 10:20 am, going up to 72, or so guesses AccuHunch.

I've been out & about, running this errand and that. One of the chores I was looking forward to was to clean out my closet.

Turns out over half of my short-sleeve shirts, and nearly all the long-sleeved versions, plus all but three pairs of slacks are too big. Between my wife and myself, we now have seven trash bags full of decent but over-size apparel going to the clothing drive at her workplace this week.

The closet looks bare. But that's a good thing: between the two of us, we've lost some 107 pounds since January.

* * * * *

And now for the bit you've been waiting for, from the Dutch Harbor Telegraph:

Animal – Protest about perpetual problems with pets pooping on plots other than their own.

Civil – Money was given to a third party for bail purposes and has since vanished.  [I don't know if it's the person who vanished, or the money. Perhaps both? - Paul]

Animal – Caller reported a dead cat in the roadway. An officer responded and found no dead feline, only a motley collection of Bald Eagles. [Make up your own joke to go along with this tale of road food. - Paul]

Theft – A man’s wallet went missing sometime after he left his backpack, containing his wallet, in a public changing area for several hours and in a public galley for several minutes. No suspects were identified.

DUI – A man reported that his intoxicated girlfriend had left his residence and was driving to another location. The girlfriend meanwhile reported to the police station and demanded that she be given field sobriety tests to prove the boyfriend wrong. Officers found no indication of impairment and subsequently accompanied the woman to her boyfriend’s home to recover some property.


ProudHillbilly said...

Congrats on the weight loss!

Rev. Paul said...

Thank you, ma'am!