26 July 2013

Welcome Aboard

Betsyc20 has clicked the "follow this blog" "Join this site" button on the sidebar, so I want to say "Thank you!"
I didn't see any blog listed on the sidebar, so if you have one, please let me know & I'll pass that info along.

You're among friends here, ma'am. If you ever have a question or a comment, rest assured I will respond. May not be right away, but I'll answer.

Welcome aboard!


Cathy said...

It's taken me a full 8 minutes to find the "Subscribe" button. I was thinking my eyesight and old brain were conspiring against me.
Waaaaaaaaaah . .
(It's at the veeeeery bottom of my page)

Rev. Paul said...

And I didn't call it by it's name, either. Sorry 'bout that. :)

Cathy said...

Oh don't apologize Rev. Paul
I spend so much time stumbling around out here in Cyberspace . . it's just a good feeling to brail my way to the correct button.

I did get it tapped, didn't I ? ;-D

Rev. Paul said...

I'll assume you did, Cathy. Now you'll get an e-mail every time anyone leaves a comment on the post. :)