02 August 2013

Local Headlines From Beer to Bears to Bass Pro

Beer, Tortillas Add to Positive Manufacturing Trend in Anchorage
You can make up your own story on this one, but check out the link, anyway. :)

Local Anchorage Businesses Worries about New Box Stores
This one revolves around a small local flyfishing retailer closing its doors now, before Bass Pro Shops or Cabelas are even open.

Prosecutor Suspended for Withholding DNA Evidence in Murder Trial
When the authorities are untrustworthy, you may be living in a tyranny. Sheesh.

Congress Pushes EPA on Proposed Pebble Mine
Republicans in Congress hope to stop the Environmental Protection Agency from blocking the gigantic Pebble open pit mine in Alaska, proposed for one of the last places left on the globe to support huge runs of wild salmon.

Good. I'm generally in favor of free enterprise, but to build an earthen dam to hold one of the world's largest tailings drainage, above the world's largest salmon estuary (Bristol Bay) is just madness ... especially given our abundance of significant earthquakes.

And finally, just for fun:

Raw Video: Bears Frolic When No One Is Looking

Enjoy this one. :^)  You're welcome!


Teresa said...

LOL well, looks like Alaska news is much like the lower 48 this week. Not even any snow. ;)

Rev. Paul said...

Well ... none in Anchorage, anyway. Heh.

Old NFO said...

Good ones, and the bear one IS funny! Pole dancing anyone???

Cathy said...

Can't believe that bear family itching together.

Rev. Paul said...


Cathy, you betcha!