05 August 2013

The Dread "S" Word

The weatherman mentioned snow on this morning's newscast for Barrow, Alaska, where it was currently 36 degrees. Barrow is 600+ miles north of here, so we're not panicking yet.

Still, it's something we don't really want to contemplate yet. We're still nearly two months away from the average first snowfall, and summers are all-too-brief.

Not quite ready for flurries ... not yet.


Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

Brrr......36 this time of year? Wow, expect weird weather my friend. All of our tree's and birds seem to be confused here. It really makes me worry about our fall, and winter.

PioneerPreppy said...

Yuck already?

I sure hope we have a mild Winter down here.

Jenny said...



Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, our low temps are still in the mid-50s, so I'm not worried about it. Yet. :)

Preppy, it seems so. Best to be prepared, eh?

Jenny, yes. Heh.