05 September 2013

A Better Outcome, This Time

— Alaska State Troopers say two southcentral Alaska men survived a plane crash near Rainy Pass.

Troopers in Talkeetna Tuesday afternoon received a report of a crash of a Super Cub near Ptarmigan Valley. A witness 5 miles way used a satellite phone to report the plane had crashed 4,000 feet up the mountain face.

Through his spotting scope, the witness reported seeing two men step out of the plane.
Troopers and the Rescue Coordination Center responded and picked up the pilot, 28-year-old Cole Hawkins of Chugiak, and a passenger, 29-year-old Richard Novotny of Wasilla.

Troopers say they were taken to an Anchorage hospital and treated for minor injuries. The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the crash.


Old NFO said...

Cubs can go 'just' fast enough to kill you... Lucky!!!

Rev. Paul said...

So I've been told, and yes they were!