04 September 2013

Alaska Pictures

This picture was taken downtown, at the start of the 2006 Iditarod race, and just happens to have me in it. I'm on the roof of the brown and green building, in a blue and white jacket. (You'll have to click for big.)

This moose in our front yard is the one which gave rise to the URL for this blog.
The pyramidal mountain along the highway is from a trip to Wasilla.

The pic with two mountains was taken from my bedroom window. Those branches have long since grown to the point that I can't get the digital camera to focus on the mountains ... but I get excellent close-ups of the branches.

This last picture is the driveway leading to the place where we first stayed, when we moved up here in 2003.


Chickenmom said...

You are truly blessed - that is God's country. I am sooo jealous.....

Rev. Paul said...

We are indeed blessed, and we know it. I never fail to remember that when I walk outside & see the mountains, either.