06 September 2013

The Growth of the Surveillance State

American Thinker notes that even NASA is ordering assault rifles.

In that article, they link to a blog about the growth of government surveillance. Here's the money quote: "See here, here, and here for a compilation of this administration's efforts to turn the United States into a gulag." Read it and weep.

America, we hardly knew ye.


Jenny said...

Five rifles?

With those specs?

Reads to me like someone is trying to get some toys on the company card, just like the department about half a year ago putting in a req for cowboy ammo.

Rev. Paul said...

Agreed; the small order for NASA is laughable. The other links aren't so funny.

Matt said...

On the one Jenny mentioned, I wrote my Congressman and accused DHS of sitting in the back room and trying to slip that cowboy ammo in because they couldn't get it at Walmart or Gander Mountain for their own personal use.

There is no reason they need .22, 30-30, .357 and .38 special and they certainly have no need for 7.62x39 unless they were going to plant it for a false flag of some sort and frame some locals.

He inquired and they sent him a response stating it was for training..... I dropped it as he and every other congressman act as though they have been neutered.

Rev. Paul said...

Matt: neutered? or complicit?

Jenny said...

"The other links aren't so funny"

No. :(