25 September 2013

Unalaska Police Blotter: Dutch Harbor and the Blustery Day

MVA Damage- Vehicle owner reported his van was damaged the previous night when a skiff was blown into it, and asked that the incident be documented for insurance purposes.

Theft - Clinic staff member reported his wallet may have been stolen by a patient earlier this day. The officer investigating the incident found that the patient had turned the wallet over to another, who had in turn dropped it off at Alaska Ship Supply. The wallet was recovered, intact, and returned to the owner.

Alcohol - Officers found in the cab of a pickup a wet, muddy man who was unsure what month it is, did not know where he lives and was unable to stand up without assistance.

Traffic Roads - High winds blew a mattress into the roadway. Public Works was notified.

Suspicious Person/Activity - Caller reported a man appeared to be rolling a joint behind the PCR. Officers contacted the man, who presented them with a pouch of hand-rolling tobacco and said that was what he had been using earlier.

Traffic Roads - A stop sign was blown loose at a 3-way intersection. Public Works was notified.

Public Safety - Goals at a local playing field were blown to the end of a field and against a tall fence. Caller expressed concern about the wind lifting the goals over the fence and into nearby houses.

Traffic Roads - Plywood debris was blown into the roadway. Police and fire officers removed it from the roadway.

Environmental - High winds continued to wreak havoc on unsecured items, this time blowing a Port-o-Let into the harbor near City Dock. Ports Department was notified.


PioneerPreppy said...

So drunk he didn't know what month it was. I don't think I have even gotten that bad.

Rev. Paul said...

When I was a firefighter, I encountered a few folks were more-or-less that drunk, but it wasn't common.

Teresa said...

A bit windy there is it?

Rev. Paul said...

Teresa, it was either quite windy ... or they had a heck of a party!

wendy james said...

Does anyone know what happened to the Dutch Harbor Telegraph...seems they are off-line now. :(

wendy james said...

Hey,does anyone know what happened to the Dutch Harbor Telegraph...they posted ALL the Police blotter! :(

Rev. Paul said...

The paper's still publishing, but the website expired. They're on-line via KUCB's website.