26 December 2013

Welcome Aboard, and A Trip to the Range

I see that Sunnybrook Farm and Alijandra have clicked the "Join this site" button. Welcome, friends!

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Older Daughter (the shooting instructor) and I were discussing the new Garand, and her general desire to go shooting.

I mentioned that I need a sling, cleaning kit and more ammo for the M1, and mused about trying to shop on the Saturday after Christmas, along with the hoards of those who found a) gift cards, b) cash, and/or c) new shootin' irons under the tree.

She pointed out that she has plenty of .30-'06, a spare sling, and cleaning supplies for that caliber.

Methinks she really, really wants to visit the range. :)


Well Seasoned Fool said...

She wants to see her father enjoy his present (and get a chance to shoot an M-1).

Sunnybrook Farm said...

There is just nothing like an M1, well maybe an M14 but then those things kind of felt different. Anyway the M1 just sounds different, a blind guy could tell you were loading one and that ping after the 8th round. Have fun if you have plenty of 30-06.

Rev. Paul said...

WSF, I do believe you're right. :)

Sunnybrook, an M-14 is quite different; used one of those in the Navy.

I shot an M1 a few months back, but it was in .308. Not the same as an '06 at all.

This is going to be fun.

drjim said...

Have fun!

BTW...the header picture of the tree and fireplace is just gorgeous!

Keads said...

Have a great time!

Rev. Paul said...

drjim, we will - and thank you. I had to Bing really hard to find it. :)

Thanks, Keads - that's the plan!

Anonymous said...

Take the hint.


Rev. Paul said...

Yessir! (hand salute)