12 February 2014

Dutch Harbor Officials Want WWII Building Torn Down

City officials and local residents say they want the WWII torpedo building near Unalaska’s airport torn down.
The fenced-off torpedo building overlooking the airport long-term parking lot in May 2013.
Courtesy: Peggy McLaughlin

That’s after pieces of lumber and debris flew off the building into cars in the airport long-term parking lot during last weekend’s windstorm.
City Manager Chris Hladick said at last night’s city council meeting that Troy Larue, from the Alaska Department of Transportation, is in town assessing the building’s condition.

Hladick said the city has tried to tear the building down in the past and failed because of its historic status. But he hopes this time will be different.

I understand the historical significance of the old building, but sometimes one must let common sense dictate actions - if they can't afford to fix it up and keep it safe, then it's going to have to go.

It's a shame, but neglect eventually catches up where buildings are concerned.


Stephen said...

The recycled fine old lumber should bring a nice price on the market.

Rev. Paul said...

I would think so, especially out there in the Aleutians where literally everything has to be shipped in.

Old NFO said...

Considering that it took almost 10 years to get approval AND $$ to fix the tower at Ford Island, I'd say tear it down... sigh

Rev. Paul said...

I have to agree; it's way too far gone to restore, anyway.

SENIOR said...

Hey, it's historic, we still have the old ford model t plant here on the St john's river, serves no purpose but it's still there.

Rev. Paul said...

Understood, Senior, but it sounds like the one pictured here is in really bad shape. I know what weather in the Aleutians can do to a structure; it ain't pretty, and pieces are blowing off in the wind.