21 February 2014

Fur Rondy Begins; Lance Mackey Adds Spice to Field

Buddy Streeper is a no-show, but the last three men who earned championships will be on Fourth Avenue on Friday to begin pursuit of more glory in this year's Fur Rendezvous World Championships sled dog race.

Some musher named Lance Mackey will be there too.

Mackey is making his Rondy debut and will, as requested, be the last team to hit the trail on Thursday. The four-time Iditarod champion and four-time Yukon Quest champion is running a puppy team and said he doesn't want his team to get in the way of others.

Greg Taylor of Fairbanks will be the first musher to leave the start at Fourth and D Street.

Racing team being staged at 4th Avenue & D Street (Iditarod start)

A wider shot of the starting line


PioneerPreppy said...

Glad ya all got the snow for it now!!

Rev. Paul said...

We are, too. Thanks, Preppy.