13 February 2014

Unalaska and the Blustery Day

From the Unalaska Police Blotter for February 7th:

Public Safety ~ Category 1 travel advisory issued for high winds after the National Weather Service issued a high wind advisory.

Environmental ~ A stop sign was blown over by high winds. Public Works was notified
Ambulance Request ~ EMS personnel provided care and transport for a woman who had hit her head after being blown over by high winds.
Traffic Roads ~ Caller reported 2x4s flying across Ballyhoo Road. A Harbor Officer secured the debris.
Traffic Roads ~ A school zone sign, still flashing, was blown into the roadway. Public Works was notified.
Environmental ~ Remnants of a WWII-era building near the airport blew off and struck several vehicles parked in the adjacent lot. Several vehicles sustained damage; one was totaled. Alaska DOT employees helped move fallen debris from the area.
Traffic Roads ~ Caller reported a large piece of metal had blown onto Ballyhoo Road and was creating a traffic hazard. A Harbor Officer secured the debris.
I spent two years on Adak Island, a few hundred miles farther west in the Aleutians, and let me tell you that those winds are serious. We were sent home, one day, for winds gusting well in excess of 95 knots (109 mph). 


Stephen said...

One of my NSGA units had a small group based at Adak...always felt sorry for 'em.

Rev. Paul said...

Stephen, we had it reasonably good on Adak - lots to do, lots of facilities, and wonderful scenery. The winds were just part of the, um, adventure. :)

threecollie said...

Yow! Of all weather I hate the wind most.

Rev. Paul said...

I suppose it depends on the location; on Adak, all the utilities were underground and there aren't any trees. We worried more about 'quakes (and the occasional tsunami) more than the wind. But most places are more susceptible than that.

Cathy said...

Can you stand up in a 109 mph wind ? That's really impressive.

Rev. Paul said...

From Armed Laughing:

SENT home?

You were probably blown home!


Rev. Paul said...

You can if you lean forward, with five or six people linking elbows, and don't mind letting the wind blow you along. :)

You can't walk against it, though.

Rev. Paul said...

Guffaw, let me rephrase: we were released from work, and allowed to leave. Heh.