25 March 2014

A Stroll On the Beach

We hiked from Ala Wai boat harbor to Duke Kahanumoku Park and got thoroughly sun-baked and too hot. We poor Alaskans aren't used to sun that's so warm. But enjoy the shot of Diamond Head crater! 


ProudHillbilly said...

That 40 degree jump in temps is probably a little bit of a shock to the body. But I'd like to try it.

Beautiful pics!

Cathy said...

I've got two words:
Factor Thirty.
(Or higher :)

On a Wing and a Whim said...

oh, looks wonderful. Hope you're having almost too much fun to stand it!

Old NFO said...

Very nice, and a 'tad' warm for y'all! :-)

Max said...

I won't be disappointed if you don't swim, but I'm sure you are going to. Why not, right?