18 April 2014

Friday Round-Up

End of the week (woohoo!); time to gather any loose threads and tie 'em up. I can only think of one ongoing story I've mentioned recently, though.

In a preliminary report released Thursday, the National Transportation Safety Board said the fatal April 8 plane crash near Bethel was preceded by several altitude changes before a "rapid, steep descent" to the ground.

Investigators say data transmitted by the Cessna 208 Caravan, operated by Hageland Aviation, shows the plane was flying at 3,400 feet when its altitude changed.
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"There were a couple of altitude deviations, followed by a rapid, steep descent," said NTSB spokesman Clint Johnson.

The two pilots on board were killed in the crash -- Derrick Cedars, 42, and Greggory McGee, 46. Officials said that Cedars and McGee were Hageland Aviation employees on a training flight. 
 They also said the flight went down 30 minutes after takeoff, in clear, calm weather. Curiouser and curiouser.

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In happier news, we've been having quite a bit of sunshine, along with temps mostly in the upper 40s to around 50, and the remaining snow banks are melting quickly. Buds on the trees have trebled in size, and I think I heard geese honking last night.

Who knows? The grass will turn green one of these days, and then we'll get some leaves on the trees.

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And finally, there's this:



Anonymous said...

I may be stealing this!


Rev. Paul said...

Be my guest, gfa. :)

JMD said...

If they didn't change the meaning of words to suit their own purposes we might have a chance..or not.

Rev. Paul said...

JMD - if they didn't want to change the meaning of the words, they'd be conservatives. And yeah, we'd have a better chance.