10 April 2014

Lack of Proper Oversight

They're doing it wrong:
University of Alaska Fairbanks officials are reviewing procedures after students in a medical assistant program were told to inject each other with a solution not approved for human use.
The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reports a clinical procedures instructor in the university's Community and Technical College had students repeatedly inject others with a solution intended to only be used on training pads.
About 30 students in two classes were involved. It's not known how many injections students received, but logs show the average student got about 10 injections each. Officials say those logs may be incomplete.
Students have complained of a burning sensation after the injection. Some also had skin irritation.
The instructor has been placed on paid investigatory leave. UAF also is investigating why complaints weren't escalated to administrators.

Stupid, stupid, stupid! And "placed on paid investigatory leave"? Only in a university (or government, but I repeat myself) setting. In the real world, you're fired. And sued.

Also, "Ouch!"


Cathy said...

Yikes!!! That's reeeally scary.

So nice to see a moose again :)

Rev. Paul said...

I agree on both points, Cathy.

joated said...

Jaw droppingly idiotic!

Rev. Paul said...

I concur, joated. And to think ... not even one of those medical students had the sense to read the labels. The mind boggles.

Teresa said...

Wow! How in the world does an instructor make that kind of mistake! Not only that, but why are medical assistants giving injections? Scary stuff.

Rev. Paul said...

Re: your first question, T, I have no idea. The second part is part of their training program, but usually with sterile saline solution, rather than a cleaning agent. Ow!