30 April 2014

That Light That Keeps You Awake

just might be you, glowing in the dark.

According to the Peninsula Clarion:
The Kenai branch of Acuren USA has suspended operations after the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission found high radiation readings during a surprise inspection in early April.

The company is licensed to use radioactive materials when inspecting pipe welds. According to a confirmatory action letter issued by the regulatory commission to the company, inspectors walking around Acuren’s facility at 14896 Kenai Spur Highway found high readings in areas where the public could be exposed to high radiation levels.

According to a media release issued by the regulatory commission, there were no boundaries or controls in place to keep people out of the area during radiography operations and initial dose estimates suggested that anyone standing near the building could have been exposed to radiation in excess of the regulatory commission’s annual limit.



PioneerPreppy said...


Rev. Paul said...

Preppy - I don't know if you read the linked article, but it states that even nearby office workers were exposed, over a long period of time.

Old NFO said...

So there will now be a rush to claim cancer from the business... sigh

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

You just never know, there might just be a rush to claim cancer.

JMD said...

It appears to be business as usual. Sad.

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy & Old NFO, you're probably right.

JMD ... you are, too. Sad.