07 April 2014

The Work-in-Progress Continues

The carpet layers did the stairs and the second floor today. Now everything matches.

We stopped after work & scheduled delivery of new sofa & recliner. Then down the road to the next place, where we purchased - and schedule delivery of - a new office set (large desk, files, and hutch). Then on to a third place for end tables for the sofa.

The only thing left is to find a sturdy, comfortable desk chair ... oh - and a suitable display cabinet for my wife's collection of miniature bears. Knick-knacks, really, but cute & decorative. If they weren't all packed away right now, I'd tell you more about them.

We pulled all the large pieces out of the bathroom & kitchen, and moved them into their new places.

But now we're sitting on lawn chairs, admiring the new carpet and fresh paint, and dreaming about Thursday night when we can rest on the new sofa. :)


Old NFO said...

Progress!!! :-)

Rev. Paul said...

Absolutely, NFO. :)

JMD said...

I am worn out just reading about all the work you have been doing! It will be worth it when it is all done and you can enjoy the fruits of you labors.

Rev. Paul said...

JMD, I'm just worn out. :) But we're looking forward to the conclusion of all this.

Mamma Bear said...

Have your girls asked why you waited to remodel after they moved out or made the comment, "if we knew it was going to look this good we would have stayed"!!! LOL

Rev. Paul said...

No, Mamma Bear; they know why. Mostly they come in, look around, but don't say much. Besides, they've got their own place to fix up, however they like. That helps. :)