23 May 2014

Friday: Wildfire Report (UPDATED)

As we come to the end of what has seemed an interminable week, the local news is reporting that the Kenai fire had grown to over 63,000 acres last night.
Funny River Fire 3 (fire clouds fog rainbow sunrise+sunset Spring mountains sky trees water ). Photo by wildernessgirl
This was taken three days ago, when the fire was MUCH smaller (http://www.wunderground.com/wximage/wildernessgirl/884)


Two days ago

Here's a close-up of the air quality map for 5/22/14, showing smoke from the Arizona fire that the news media is all agog about:

And here's the whole map. Please note the relative size of the Alaska fire, and how far the smoke has spread:

Kinda puts things in perspective re: the lamestream media's obvious bias and focus, doesn't it?

* * * * *

One of the few good things to report in that regard is that the air in Anchorage is reasonably clear this morning. That's expected to end as winds are expected to turn southerly by tonight, and the air could be quite nasty by this time tomorrow.

On a personal note, I don't suffer from seasonal allergies (thank you, Lord!) but the smoke is getting to me. Others are suffering far worse, though.

Additional smoke-jumpers from the Lower 48 have arrived to help with the fire, which is a good thing.


Cathy said...

Lamestream media is right!
We had no idea.

Rev. Paul said...

Exactly, Cathy.

midnight rider said...

Thanks again

God Bless.

threecollie said...

Wow, that is huge! How on earth can they ignore it!

TinCan Assassin said...

Simple. Liberals vacation in Sedona. It affects them.

Rev. Paul said...

threecollie - what TCA said.