15 May 2014

HAARP To Be Dismantled

FAIRBANKS -- The U.S. Air Force gave official notice to Congress Wednesday that it intends to dismantle the $300 million High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program in Gakona this summer.

The shutdown of HAARP, a project created by the late Sen. Ted Stevens when he wielded great control over the U.S. defense budget, will start after a final research experiment takes place in mid-June, the Air Force said in a letter to Congress Tuesday.
HAARP on Line
Antennas for the newly completed High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is seen near Gakona, Alaska on Wednesday, June 27, 2007. The world's most advanced high-energy radio physics experiment was declared fully operational in a Wednesday afternoon ribbon-cutting ceremony. (AP Photo/Mark Farmer)

... "We're moving on to other ways of managing the ionosphere, which the HAARP was really designed to do," (David Walker, deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force for science, technology and engineering) said. "To inject energy into the ionosphere to be able to actually control it. But that work has been completed."

Comments of that sort have given rise to endless conspiracy theories, portraying HAARP as a superweapon capable of mind control or weather control, with enough juice to trigger hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes.

Scientists say all of that is nonsense, and that the degree of ionosphere control possible through HAARP is akin to controlling the Pacific Ocean by tossing a rock into it.

Built at a cost of more than $290 million, the site has 180 antennas on 30 acres that are used to direct energy into the ionosphere, which is 55 miles to 370 miles above the Earth, and monitor changes in the flow of charged particles.

They didn't mention the theory that HAARP messed up the local birds' migratory patterns and interfered with peoples' sleep patterns, too.

There's more at the link, if you're so inclined. 


Old NFO said...

Another CongAd biting the dust... And more to follow...

Cathy said...

Wow. I'd never heard of HAARP. But if it's messing with my sleep - OUTTA HERE!
(you just don't know whom to believe anymore)

Rev. Paul said...

NFO - yep. I suspect we've not seen anything yet.

Cathy, it's extremely unlikely to have affected you, from so many thousands of miles away ... even if it DID have that effect. On the other hand, who knows? :)

Anonymous said...

I was trying to think of a HAARPO joke, because it's gone silent...

Wait, THERE it is!


Rev. Paul said...

gfa - is that the sound of old rubber horn in the distance?

Well done!