05 May 2014

Police Blotter: Loud Music & Dodge 'Em Cars

Noise Disturbance - Officers contacted an intoxicated and argumentative boarding house resident whose music was so loud he was unable to hear the officers tell him why he was being contacted. Once he was able to hear them, he complied with the request to quit disturbing his neighbors.
Drunk Disturbance - Officers responded to the residence of two drunken brothers, where one brother refused to go to his bedroom and instead urinated on his chair. Officers told the two to just get along.
Suspicious Person/Activity - Officer advised a mildly intoxicated and sleeping man that he was not allowed to use the Unalaska Library as a bedroom, and that he should return to his own premises if he was in such need of a nap. The man left the library without incident.
DUI - Caller reported a motorist swerving all over the road. An officer contacted the well-known suspect driver and determined his driving prowess was unrelated to the use of any intoxicants.
Traffic Crime - Caller reported an erratic driver on a dirt road. The officer who contacted the unimpaired suspect driver noted a considerable number of potholes on the roadway in question.

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