04 May 2014

The Morning After the Night Before & a Movie Review

My wife's flight arrived at 12:20-ish this a.m., and we were home by 01:00. Not too awful bad, but bed sure was welcome, after that.

* * * * *

Spider-Man 2 was better than I expected. They've upped their game, presentation-wise, a la The Avengers and all the Iron Man movies. Bigger, badder, more spectacular without sacrificing storyline.

The back story on Electro (played by Jamie Foxx) was done fairly well, and you had a feel for who the guy is before the industrial accident which turned him into Electro. Electro's appearance and power is another of those effects which was surprisingly good, by the way.

The fight scene between Electro, NYPD and Spidey in Times Square is amazing (if you'll pardon the phrase). It was an expensive movie to produce, but every dollar is right up there on the screen, and appears to have been used very effectively.

The Gwen Stacy storyline closely parallels the original from the comics, although I read one review in which the reviewer was offended by it. Whatever. I won't spoil it, for those who may not know about her already.

In short, it was well done, and you won't miss the whiny, crybaby Toby McGuire version of Spidey at all. If you're a fan of the superhero genre, you'll like this film a lot.

* * * * *

I note with pleasure that green haze which has appeared in the trees overnight, as leaves are finally beginning to bud. It wasn't there yesterday, but is most welcome!


Old NFO said...

Thanks for the review. And I'll trade ya buds for pollen... sigh

Rev. Paul said...

You're welcome, sir - and you can keep the pollen. We'll have plenty of that in short order.

Anonymous said...

I like the earlier Superman/Batman stuff (NOT the horrid Batman TV show!)
But other superheroes, not so much.

Different strokes, I guess...


Rev. Paul said...

gfa, I think the best of the modern era was The Avengers. They got everything right in that one. This newest one manages to evoke that quality, and Electro's rampage is truly daunting. I was surprised by how good it is.