21 May 2014

They're Awake

photo Alaska Dept of Fish & Game, courtesy Municipality of Anchorage- A group of four brown bears wander down the Rovers Run Trail in Far North Bicentennial Park in this photo taken by a remote camera.

Never mind that the first Alaskans often ran in the wilderness and survived, or that the data on bear maulings indicates that hunting -- not running -- is the most dangerous thing you can do in the woods.

Hunters sneak around in brush and forest. Sometimes they sneak up on bears. Surprise encounters with grizzly bears at close range are always dangerous. Take it from someone who shot a grizzly off his leg.

Yes, I was hunting at the time, which greatly increased the odds of a close-up encounter with a bear. It also meant I had a weapon with which to defend myself.

These days, the Anchorage area has a booming grizzly population. Typically, I meet bears while carrying only a container of bear spray. It's lighter and easier to pack than a firearm when running or mountain biking around the edges of the city.

Mountain biking is another thing some of those bear "experts'' frown upon.

Some would seem to prefer everyone stay home and only visit the wilds on supervised outings. But if you think staying in the city or only using "developed'' Anchorage recreation areas is safe, think again.

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Old NFO said...

My 'bear spray' would be in .44 Just sayin...

Rev. Paul said...

Along with quite a few other folks, NFO. :)

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

No more hibernation, it's time tor forage.

I would be armed at all times residing up there and not with only bear spray.

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, I believe you'd fit right in up here. :)