14 May 2014

Unalaska Police Blotter:

Disorderly Conduct - An obstreperous and well-lubricated bar patron who was no longer welcome in the bar and who was attempting to pick a fight with the bouncer, refused to identify himself to police. He was handcuffed and transported to the jail, where he eventually identified himself after being told he would have to wait until an on-call magistrate had time for him.
Liquor Law Violation - The obstreperous man was released after finally identifying himself, and was advised by an officer that he was too intoxicated to enter or remain on any licensed premise this night.

Assault - Officers contacted two men involved who had earlier been involved in an altercation on the beach. The suspect admitted to having punched his crew mate, but only after being rushed by him. He also told officers the other man’s ankle injury occurred not in the fight but rather as he fled the scene. The victim claimed to have been sucker-punched by the suspect but did not wish to file charges.

Liquor Law Violation - Caller reported a pollatic [sic] pedestrian tottering about the roadway. Officers contacted the man, who was not in need of any assistance, and advised him not to enter any liquor stores or bars this night.

Liquor Law Violation - Liquor store employee reported that a group of clearly intoxicated fisherman had repeatedly attempted to purchase alcohol even though they clearly should not be allowed on a licensed premise. Officers found two of the suspects, who they recognized from previous contacts, stumbling about the area. The bibulous boys were advised they could be arrested if they returned to the liquor stores or bars this night.

Assistance Rendered - Officers responded to a request to help with a disturbed and possibly intoxicated employee. Officers requested EMS services after the man passed out while attempting to walk from one room to another.

Release Conditions - Zachary P. Wismar, 28 yoa, was arrested on one count of Violating Conditions of Release after officers watched him lurching and swaying through the grocery store checkout line and recalled that Wismar’s conditions include no alcohol consumption.


PioneerPreppy said...

Think how much money that town would save if they just lets these guys drink themselves to passing out and stopped trying to control em.

Rev. Paul said...

Ahh, but these are the folks who've re-awakened after sleeping it off.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Demon rum rules. Many drunks believe alcohol abuse is their birthright, IMO.

Rev. Paul said...

You may be right, WSF.

irontomflint said...

I just LOVE reading your blotter stories!
Today it seems that even your most "well-oiled" miscreants have a larger vocabulary than most likewise lubricated inebriates in the lower 48!

Rev. Paul said...

Irontom, the sergeant who records the Unalaska Blotter goes out of her way to be droll ... probably in an attempt to keep boredom and/or claustrophobia at bay.