20 June 2014

Friday Update

The price of gas is going up nation-wide due to the continuing goings-on in Iraq and Syria, with two major oil companies already leaving the country.

Relatives in Missouri recently told us their gas price jumped from $3.47/gallon to $3.69 in 18 hours.

Here in Anchorage, the average price has risen to $4.03, with rural communities paying $7/gallon. (We'd love to see $3.69; it hasn't been that low here in two years.)

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My mother-in-law flew in Wednesday at 0100 hours, fairly normal for flight into Anchorage. Wednesday morning at work was an experience in what it's like to be a zombie, as a result of only 3.5 hours of sleep, distributed over three widely-separated attempts to snooze.

Coffee didn't help much, but fortunately I got my second wind, so to speak, and carried on. Of course, that didn't happen until mid-day, but what the heck. After that, I looked and felt okay ... unfortunately, I had the attention span of a gerbil on crack.

Ooh, shiny!


OldAFSarge said...

"...the attention span of a gerbil on crack"

Love it, I'll need to remember this one.

Rev. Paul said...

Sarge, that may be the only good thing to come out of that day. :)

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Thanks to fracking and other technology, we don't need Middle East oil. What we need are refineries. Between the Greenies and the "Not in My Backyard" crowd, that problem will stay a problem.

Rev. Paul said...

WSF - you're right. We wouldn't need the Middle East IF the regulations didn't strangle the construction of refineries, among other things.