07 June 2014

Winding Down

The list of "honey-dos" and chores which must be completed is nearly complete. After all the moving and renovating we did, a couple of months back, there are still a few things left to do ... but not many.

This morning, I'll be installing new light fixtures in both bathrooms, upgrading from the "entry-level 1960s" style to modern glass-and-chrome. After that, we're mostly down to a few artwork/decor choices for the guestroom, but not much else in terms of working with tools.

My wife and Younger Daughter are participating in a five-mile "Run for Women" (about breast cancer) this morning, and are a little bit nervous about it - it's the first actual competition for either of them.

In other news: last night I installed sling swivels on my Marlin Model 60 (wood stock), and added a cotton web sling which I'd borrowed from Older Daughter. It had been on the M1 Garand, but that location didn't sit well with me.

So the Garand received a brand spankin' 1907-style leather sling, and Daughter was kind enough to play the "how to position the frogs and keepers" video on her phone while I followed the instructions.

There was something a bit poignant about outfitting an M1 with a leather sling on D-Day ... just seemed appropriate, ya know?

Why the slings? I suspect I've forgotten to mention it, but I signed up for an Appleseed weekend in Tok, Alaska (310 miles northeast of Anchorage) at the end of the month. Since she's an instructor, we'll be riding together, and camping in the truck-bed tent we gave to her last Christmas. We'll make a four-day sojourn out of it, including two days of travel.

It's gonna be fun.

And now I'm off to think about breakfast, and then sticking my hands into someone else's wiring job. I suspect it'll go smoothly enough.

Y'all take care out there, and enjoy your weekend. Thanks for stopping by, friends.


NotClauswitz said...

Nice work! Moving and upgrading is a pain but so worthwhile. The Garand deserves no less, I even put one on my 1898 Krag! Have a good shoot at Appleseed!

Rev. Paul said...

Thank you, sir.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I have a Marine friend who insists you need a sling to shhot properly.
I've gotten along fine without, I think.
What am I missing?

Old NFO said...

Have fun, and shoot em good!

JMD said...

Betcha you folks are getting pretty spiffy. Good to do some updating once in a while.

Rev. Paul said...

Ed - the sling, properly adjusted around the back of the arm below the shoulder, supports the weight of the rifle & minimizes "muzzle bounce" from recoil. It's a terrific aid for off-hand shooting.

Thanks, NFO, we're doing our best. :)

JMD - the place looks a lot better than it did a few months ago.

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

I'm sure you and your Sweet Wife are happy everything is coming to an end on redecorating.

Very appropriate outfitting your M1 with a sling on D Day !!!!

You and your daughter will have so much fun going to the Appleseed weekend.

Be careful with the wires!!!

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, Sandy. I have a very healthy respect for electricity, and all is well. :)