25 July 2014

It's Police Blotter Time!

Friday 18 July 2014, 4:58 p.m.
Damage - Officers responding to a report that a vehicle had gone into the water along Summer Bay Road found an upturned pickup truck, driver Kyle Eby, several pill bottles, some marijuana and two marijuana pipes at the accident scene. Eby, who failed field sobriety tests, was arrested on charges of Driving under the Influence and Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance.
Traffic Roads
Friday 18 July 2014, 3:35 p.m.
Complaint about garbage dispensing itself from a moving garbage truck. Officers contacted the suspect driver, who explained that he is too focused on watching the road to notice whether the load he is carrying is actually contained. The driver was issued a warning regarding unsecured loads.

Suspicious Person/Activity
Wednesday 16 July 2014, 3:21 p.m.
An out-of-town wife told an officer she wished to report a crime that had not yet been committed, namely that her husband, who calls to tell her he loves her, is conspiring to have her killed. The wife refused to provide information regarding her location or to speak to police in her jurisdiction about the alleged conspiracy, and hung up on the officer.
Wednesday 16 July 2014, 4:49 a.m.
Plant security requested assistance with a newly hired plant manager who was inebriated and had been found turning off various machines in the powerhouse. The belligerent plant manager made several comments regarding ownership of said machines, but eventually complied with the request to leave the premises.
Tuesday 15 July 2014, 1:36 a.m.
Officer responded to a report of a fight in progress and found that two men had engaged in a brief altercation after an argument about tribal affairs in their home country. Witnesses put both men at fault, and neither wished to pursue charges.
Monday 14 July 2014, 11:07 p.m.
Officer advised an out-of-town wife who has made repeated calls to both police and security regarding her husband’s welfare that her numerous unnecessary calls were creating a safety hazard by tying up phone lines. The wife responded by asking what she needed to do to get her husband arrested for conspiracy to commit murder. She was advised to contact her local law enforcement if she was in fear for her safety.
MVA Damage
Wednesday 09 July 2014, 3:48 p.m.
A driver attempting to go around a large loader which was backing up struck a wheel on the loader, causing significant damage to her own vehicle and no damage whatsoever to the loader. No injuries were reported.


PioneerPreppy said...

They are obviously engaged in a massive cover up there now. Alcohol was only mentioned in a couple of the altercations and we know it was the major factor in all of them.

They are in denial now :)

Old NFO said...

Another bunch of wieners... :-)

Rev. Paul said...

Preppy, you've uncovered their cunning plan. :)

NFO, that's quite true. Heh.

threecollie said...

Uncontrolled substances run amok. lol

Rev. Paul said...

And don't forget the self-dispensing garbage! :)