18 August 2014

Does Kodiak Have Unalaska Envy?

Alaska State Troopers and Kodiak police are seeking two men who claimed to be officers of the law when they approached a teen at a beach on the island last weekend, then fired a gunshot.

In a Monday AST dispatch, troopers say they were informed of shots fired at Mill Bay Beach Saturday evening shortly before midnight.

“Upon arrival, further investigation revealed that two males, dressed in black and wearing ski masks, approached a 17-year-old juvenile near the beach,” troopers wrote. “The subjects claimed they were police officers and demanded the minor to identify himself. When the minor questioned their validity as law enforcement officers, one of the subjects brandished a pistol and fired the weapon.”
The teen wasn’t hurt and the suspects reportedly ran away.

AST spokesperson Megan Peters had little further information available on what happened Monday, saying only that the suspects had claimed they were with “no specific agency” and that troopers have received no other recent reports of similar incidents.

In general, however, Peters says citizens should expect any actual officer using police powers to provide their identification upon request.
“If (a) non-uniformed person claims to be a law enforcement officer, the officer should be carrying law enforcement credentials and they should show the citizen their credentials if asked,” Peters wrote. “The law enforcement officer should be carrying a badge and a photo ID.”

We keep saying it, but Let's. Be. Careful. Out. There.


Old NFO said...

Problem is they can get raid jackets, badges and other stuff over the net... sigh

Chickenmom said...

That kid was very, very lucky they didn't rob or even worse, harm him.

PioneerPreppy said...

Was alcohol involved? Only way to imitate Unialaska is to consume large amounts of the stuff.

Cathy said...

Creepy. Very. And. I . Am. Careful.

(To the point of paranoia when heading for my car in a parking lot. Even in the daytime.)

Rev. Paul said...

NFO, these guys apparently had no I.D. of any kind, fake or not.

You're right, Chickenmom.

Preppy, no word on substance consumption and/or abuse ... so not on Dutch Harbor's level. :)

I hear you, Cathy. I won't even leave the house without a sidearm, now.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Perhaps Sgt Jennifer Schockley can give creative writing classes for other departments, There are many Alaska stories to be told in her fashion

Rev. Paul said...

That's not a bad idea, WSF. She does have a certain flair ...