21 August 2014

Police Blotter: Serial Offender

Lost Property

An unidentified piece of property belonging to an unidentified person was reported missing.
Probably reported by an unidentified caller, too. 
Noise Disturbance

Multiple complaints were received about two men who were yelling and generally being disruptive near an apartment building. Officers contacted the men and advised them to keep their voices down, and contacted them a second time when more complaints were received. The men eventually quieted and left the area.
Any bets on whether liquid libations were involved? 

Drunk Disturbance

A drunk who had been fired from his job, dropped off in Unalaska and who had subsequently missed his flight refused to leave the hotel room for which he could no longer pay. The drunk was evicted from the hotel and advised not to return to the hotel or any licensed liquor establishment.
Assistance Rendered

The drunk, who had migrated to the airport, was found asleep in the TV room by a Ports Officer conducting a security check of the facility. The drunk was advised to leave.
Liquor Law Violation

Shortly after leaving the airport terminal, the drunk was observed on the sidewalk in front of the terminal, drinking from a half-gallon bottle of vodka. An officer advised the drunk that such consumption in public was a violation of City ordinance.

The drunk migrated from the airport sidewalk to a vehicle, which he neither owned nor rented, in the airport parking lot, where he was subsequently found yet again by a Harbor Officer. Joel M. Brown, 35 yoa, was arrested on one count of Criminal Trespass II.
Some folks just don't know when to quit.


An officer who noted an open pickup truck door and a person hunched over the wheel found an intoxicated man asleep in the cab of a vehicle which he neither owned nor rented. Brandon Winn, 19 yoa, was subsequently arrested for Criminal Trespass II and Minor in Possession.
Apparently this is catching on.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Another drinking town with a fishing problem.

Rev. Paul said...

WSF - some other town may be the prototype, but Dutch Harbor has perfected the art.

ProudHillbilly said...

Yeesh. Wanna bet the officers know these people by name?

Rev. Paul said...

PH - I'm guessing you're right.

PioneerPreppy said...

I guess that guy should have just crawled off into the bushes where he wouldn't have been seen.

Rev. Paul said...

Preppy - the way he was going, it would have been in someone's front yard, and he'd STILL have been arrested for trespassing. :)

JMD said...

If only all towns, cities, etc, had only these problems. Just saying.

Teresa said...

Some people just want to be arrested. LOL.

Rev. Paul said...

JMD, that would be nice, wouldn't it?

Rev. Paul said...

Teresa, you'd have to think so, after reading these accounts. :)

Chickenmom said...

I think he wanted a free room until he sobered up for his flight!

Rev. Paul said...

Chickenmom - I think you're right. He seemed determined to get some sleep, no matter what (or where).

Jefferson Selvy said...

A night in the tank is not the worst thing that can happen when you're that hammered.