31 August 2014

The Coming Ice Age

Most of us, after decades of global warming predictions that became more and more absurd, rising sea levels drowning Manhattan and Miami, an upsurge in hurricanes, forest fires, and every other calamity, have concluded that none of these things have happened in the volume or intensity predicted. In the 70s we were told the Earth would get colder. In the 80’s and 90’s we were told it would get warmer.

A new book is advising us to prepare for a serious cold spell that is not only going to arrive in twenty to thirty years, but will likely stay around to become the next ice age. This time, though, the prediction is based on well-established climate cycles and the behavior of the Sun that was known as far back as Galileo’s day.

The new “normal” is colder weather and this is because the Sun’s sunspot activity has been in a cyclical decline since about 1998, producing the latest cooling cycle for the Earth. 

Note that the entire article is based on actual science, rather than hyperbole and fear-mongering. Read the whole thing here.


Cathy said...

I pray I live to see this dangerous hoax/lie revealed as what it is. It's infuriating.

Rev. Paul said...

I agree, Cathy. All we can do is pray, and keep pounding the truth.