17 September 2014

Alaska Still Wild, Can Still Kill You

or you can find ways to do it yourself. You decide into which category these fit.
A Soldotna man was pinned under a four-wheeler on the Caribou Hills trail system, just north of Homer, according to the Alaska State Troopers.

Donald Burns, Jr., 63, died of his injuries.

Troopers on Monday around 9 p.m. received a report of a dead man stuck beneath a Yamaha four-wheeler six miles into the Waterhole Trail.

When troopers arrived, they confirmed the man was Burns and that he is deceased.
"Investigation revealed Burns was riding the rough trail and was trying to avoid the deep mud in the center of the trail by high marking a muddy hill," AST wrote in a dispatch, adding that he was not wearing a helmet.

Then there's this:

A day earlier, across the state in St. Mary's, 21-year-old Pulcheria Yupanik died when she crashed an ATV she was driving.

Troopers want to remind people to avoid going out alone. “If something goes wrong, it is good to have other people around to help you and be able to call for help,” said AST spokesperson, Megan Peters.

Cell phones don't always work here, either; a large part of Alaska has no coverage at all. The key part of "wilderness" is "wild", 'kay?

Let's be careful out there, Alaskans.


Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

No use of common sense these days when it comes to riding ATV's or 4 wheelers. I just don't understand people.

Rev. Paul said...

Well said, Sandy. Thanks.