18 September 2014

Boat Explodes In Valdez Harbor

From KTUU.com:

VALDEZ - A powerful explosion destroyed a commercial  fishing boat in Valdez Wednesday night.

According to the Coast Guard it happened around 8:00 p.m. on the fishing boat "Fireman"
The only man on board walked off on his own and was taken the hospital to get checked out.

Allie Henderickson, the public information officer for the City of Valdez, said "it's still floating but everything above the hull of the boat is destroyed. The superstructure is lying on its side and there is debris all along the sidewalk and in the water."

There are no signs of pollution, but  as a  precaution the Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit in Valdez is  working to boom off vessel.

from the linked story at www.ktuu.com


Chickenmom said...

Goodness! - It's just amazing how anyone could survive that!

Old NFO said...

WOW! And he walked away???

Rev. Paul said...

Chickenmom & NFO - my best guess is that he was very lucky, and was in a place where the superstructure absorbed the force. Otherwise, it would have thrown him clear.

threecollie said...

Holy cow!

Anonymous said...

I like how the 'news' copy makes certain to discuss environmental concerns.
How much effect on the ecosystem could one small boat like that have, anyway?

Sign me,
Not particularly green albeit responsible

Rev. Paul said...

threecollie ... that's worth a herd of cows!

gfa (not green) ... heh. You're right, of course. The State loses no opportunities to close waterways & harbors at the drip of a single drop of fuel, oil, or whatever.

Cathy said...

" . . . . walked away . . " ?!

Rev. Paul said...

He had burns on his face & hands, but yes. One very, VERY blessed fellow!