03 September 2014

He Chose Poorly

An accused bank robber’s run from the FBI ended recently when, charges say, his stolen minivan ran out of gas outside of Wasilla.

My first thought was that his getaway vehicle had run empty, but this is a bit different.

The article goes on to say that his relatives had already ID'd him to the authorities, so he had three strikes against him.

Add to that stealing a car, running out of gas, and hiking alongside a public road with a gas can.

He should have chosen a different line of work.


Matt said...

Sounds like he just wanted to go to the big house for an extended stay. Hard to believe that anyone is that stupid..... of course look at how the nation voted the last two presidential elections....

I guess people really are that stupid.

Rev. Paul said...

It seems you're right, Matt. I honestly don't know whether the U.S. can recover from a century of dumbing-down.

ProudHillbilly said...


Rev. Paul said...