17 September 2014

Starting to Sound Familiar

Plane that crashed and killed 10 in Soldotna may have been overloaded

This Rediske Air DeHavilland Otter crashed on takeoff at the Soldotna Airport, killing all 9 passengers and the pilot, Walter Rediske.  Keith Burton / AirlinersGallery.com

A plane that crashed in July 2013 and killed the pilot and two families heading from the Kenai Peninsula community of Soldotna to a remote Alaska lodge for bear viewing may have been overloaded and unbalanced, according to investigative documents released Wednesday by the National Transportation Safety Board.

The NTSB hasn’t issued an official finding on what may have caused the crash, but as part of its investigation posted about 400 pages of key documents early Wednesday on its website. The records include descriptions of photos and an iPhone video shot by the passengers and used by the NTSB to recreate the failed takeoff.

This is a story that's become all too common, in the last few years. Or maybe they're just getting more publicity than before; air travel in Alaska has always been hazardous.

But it sounds like this was another tragic and completely-avoidable case of human error.


Corey said...

These planes look to be older models. Is that why they are crashing or do they just look older to me.

Rev. Paul said...

Corey, the causes of crashes in recent years is almost always pilot error of some sort.

ProudHillbilly said...

Pilots get cocky and overconfident. Which is why Wiley Post, probably one of the world's greatest pilots, went nose down just after take off at Point Barrow and killed himself and Will Rogers.

Old NFO said...

PH is right... and weight and balance ARE critical items... AK is known as a place where overloads are 'routine'...

Rev. Paul said...

PH, I understand & agree.

NFO, I know why they overload (time & distance, limited capacity, etc) but it sure takes a toll.